Transpersonal Psychotherapy is

a generic term for a number of perspectives and schools that have developed over the past forty years. It is an in-depth psychological and superconscius level of experience that transcends and includes ordinary consciousness.

Stanislav Grof’s research into consciousness

has clearly confirmed the existence of the psychodynamic experience field and has shown how the perinatal, (experiences from birth, pregnancy and childbirth), and the transpersonal experience opens the heart to complete soulconsciusness.

Mystical, near-death, out-of-body, so-called peak and extra-ordinary experiences are examples of the experiential qualities that go beyond time-space dimensions and are thus classed as transpersonal. Christ- and Buddha consciousness are examples of transpersonal experiences.

Therapists that work with this method:

Bo Wikström
Peter Hagerrot

In the late 70s,

a group of psychotherapists and scientists met to discuss a long-felt need for an alternative concept to the prevailing humanist psychology approach.

Abraham Maslow, Jim Fadiman, Anthony Sutich, Stanislav Grof

and others formulated the concept of transpersonal psychology based on the need to provide spiritual experiences with a psychological language.

Qualities such as wholeness, perfection, completeness, fairness, animation, richness, simplicity, beauty, goodness and being unique, effortlessly, playfulness and truth was formulated by Maslow as a description of the self-realised, healthy individual. This new field of psychology was named the fourth wave after psychoanalysis, behavioural therapy and humanist psychology.

Inspiration is drawn from the world’s religious

mystical traditions, for example Christian Gnosticism, Buddhism’s Tantra, Islam’s Sufism, Judaism’s Kabbalah and Hinduism’s Rig-Veda.

Common to various religions’ mystical traditions is the search for a direct experience of the divine, spiritual or sacred, and some believe that they all share the Perennial philosophy. Some have described this common ground in terms of being more uniform the deeper our spiritual experience.
A scientific approach and deepest existential conditions such as birth, sexuality and death are also included in the transpersonal.

Several prominent figures in psychological thought

have developed ideas around the method. Carl Jung, founder of Analytical Psychology, coined the term “die überpersonliche”, (beyond or above the personal), in 1929.

Roberto Assagioli

formulated Psychosynthesis which includes a transpersonal element. A.H. Almaas founded the Ridwan school of thought. Stanislav Grof started Grof Transpersonal Training. And philosopher Ken Wilber is an important writer in the transpersonal movement.

Spiritual awakening

can sometimes be turbulent and chaotic. The transformation when personal and transpersonal dimensions are mixed can feel painful and threatening. With the right attitude, i.e. taking suffering seriously, these difficulties can eventually lead to a breakthrough towards a more expansive worldview. The idea of a ‘spiritual emergency’ was coined by Christina and Stanislav Grof.

Such spiritual emergencies needed a diagnosis that David Lukoff, amongst others, succeeded in getting included in the DSM IV psychiatric manual. The Spiritual and Religious Issues diagnosis has the advantage that not all with psychosis-related problems receive the same treatment. Being able to distinguish those with spiritual problems can significantly reduce treatment times in this category and experience shows that this in turn delivers savings in terms of both personal suffering and societal resources.

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”
Carl Sagan – Cosmos

“Life is what happens to you while you´re busy
making other plans.”
John Lennon

“Today, it is more important than ever to raise human consciousness,
so that technology becomes a means
of empowerment, not destruction.”

“Vi i Västerlandet har aldrig haft så mycket kunskap
och så lite visdom.
John Opsahl i Supermat – Läkande Mat från Naturens Hjärta

“En människas verkliga värde
avgörs framför allt av
i vilken utsträckning och på
vilket sätt hon har lyckats
frigöra sig från sig själv.”
Albert Einstein

“Straight and narrow is the path…
Waste no time.”
David R. Hawkins

“My heart can take on any form,
a meadow for gazelles,
a cloister for monks.”
Ibn Arabi

“The great religions are the ships, Poets the lifeboats.
Every sane person I know has jumped overboard.”

“Throat singing imitates animal sounds and create sounds in tune with the
For me these sounds – the rhythms of a whole”.
Nikolay Oorzhak

“In the journey to the center,
there will be portals for each of us.
Each will be marked in some way –
by dreams, by symbols, by poetry –
and our enlagement will be determined
by how we read the signs”.
J. L. Walker (1997)

Romanska bågar
Inne i den väldiga romanska kyrkan
trängdes turisterna i halvmörkret
Valv gapade bakom valv och ingen överblick
Några ljuslågor fladdrade.
En ängel utan ansikte omfamnade mig
och viskade genom hela kroppen:
“Skäms inte för att du är människa, var stolt!
Inne i dig öppnar sig valv bakom valv oändligt.
Du blir aldrig färdig, och det är som det skall”.
Jag var blind av tårar
och föstes ut på den solsjudande piazzan
tillsammans med Mr och Mrs Jones,
Herr Tanaka Och Signora Sabatini
och inne i dem alla öppnade sig valv bakom valv oändligt.
Tomas Tranströmer ur “För levande och döda” (1989)


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