Doctor in psychology (US)
Individual and family therapist (US)
Teacher in advanced methods for work with Ego States.

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Therapist specialising in individual, couples and couples with different cultural backgrounds.
Teacher at SAPU and the Delphi Institute in Stockholm.
Has introduced Lifespan Integration, Internal Family Systems and other methods for working with Ego States in Sweden.
Trains registered psychologists, psychiatrists and students of these disciplines.
Previous experience of business: broker and chairman of DES Homes Incorporated.

Works with

Behavioural therapy, Systemic, Ego State, Lifespan Integration, Internal Family System, EMDR, Solution-based and Existential therapy.
Also has experience of advanced coaching methods to improve performance in people’s working lives.
These approaches can also be used to improve performance in entertainment and sport.


PhD and MA in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology
BA in Psychology at California State University
BA in Business and Public Administration, University of Texas


All therapy is in English.

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